Pay As You Grow

Pay As You Grow

In order to survive and grow in today’s dynamic business environment, companies must stay competitive by adopting continuous technological upgradation strategy. However, the limited investment capacity of startups and small businesses often proves to be a major hurdle in realizing their tech ideas. MYZEALIT SOLOUTIONS, a California based mobile and web development company, has helped over 500 companies implement their tech ideas with low initial capital (first installment only) through our unique ‘Pay As You Grow’ (PAYG) business model.

Under our PAYG engagement model, we provide our clients with a flexible payment plan where they get their projects delivered in 90 days while pay its cost in 12 easy monthly installments. A large number of startups and SMEs have already benefited from our ‘Pay As You Grow’ pricing model. So why wait more? Discuss your tech idea today and see how our professional team can help it turn into reality.

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Free Estimate Tool
Free Estimate Tool

What Do We Cover?

We don’t develop the projects, We Live the projects.


Old fashioned wayPAYG Apps Model
$ Custom Per milestone$ Custom Monthly
25% Sign up amount1 month payment only
Upgrades not included3 Upgrades included
Payments in 3 monthsPayments in 12 months
Maintenance not included1 year of Maintenance included
Payments in AdvanceAs per schedule (monthly)

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